new year

happy new year everyone. I used to hate January, it just seemed so dull when the twinkly lights had all been taken down, and it still is. people don’t seem quite as jovial in January (the Monday of the new year). the good will and cheer dampened with the reality of our Christmas excesses taking its toll. however I now see it as an opportunity to take stock of the past year and bring any positives into 2016. Also any mistakes (and trust me there were a plethora scattered throughout 2015) there lessons having been learned will also prove useful in the year ahead.
so here’s to you lot and doing that thing that you had always meant to do in 2016.


I absolutely love this time of year especially October, the colours, the smell, the freshness. its the beginning of many festivals to make our hearts happier during the shorter days, although I quite like shorter days makes me want to bake. Maybe it is because I was born in October that I find it so inspiring. My youngest son was also born in this month. I love the changing of seasons my oldest was born in spring another time of transition. so I am always brimming with ideas during these shifts in natures cycle……except today for some reason I have a blank page yet to be filled so I am going out to kick a few leaves about before they return back to the soil and see what comes my way.
see you all next week same time and hopefully bursting with ideas.


Had a really great day yesterday down at ardrossen beach trying to do a photo shoot. Twas a bit windy, but giving it is now September this might be the last opportunity to grab some nice scenic shots. #winteriscoming

Welcome to hidden heart

so this be the hidden heart website, welcome one and all. I love to upcycle furniture and also smaller items such as jewellery boxes, mirrors etc. I love it so much I decided to turn it into a business. To see if you like what I do there is a gallery. To find out what I do all day I shall be keeping a blog, I will also keep you up to date with any craft fairs I shall be attending, and finally if you would like to buy stuff their is a shop. I take commissions for which there shall be price list up soon, so watch this space.

The website is still work in progress, however if you would like to get touch you can do so through my email I am also on facebook, Twitter and Instagram just type in hidden heart.

Thanks for visiting and reading this first entry to the end. If you have Just read this last line then go back up to the top you really don’t want to miss out.

hidden heart