Welcome to hidden heart

so this be the hidden heart website, welcome one and all. I love to upcycle furniture and also smaller items such as jewellery boxes, mirrors etc. I love it so much I decided to turn it into a business. To see if you like what I do there is a gallery. To find out what I do all day I shall be keeping a blog, I will also keep you up to date with any craft fairs I shall be attending, and finally if you would like to buy stuff their is a shop. I take commissions for which there shall be price list up soon, so watch this space.

The website is still work in progress, however if you would like to get touch you can do so through my email kirsteen521@gmail.com. I am also on facebook, Twitter and Instagram just type in hidden heart.

Thanks for visiting and reading this first entry to the end. If you have Just read this last line then go back up to the top you really don’t want to miss out.

hidden heart